I am a fully qualified running coach and personal trainer, and so I can offer one or the other specifically, or a combination of both.

When I work one on one with runners looking to improve, I always end up using a combination of both.  It could be that a muscular imbalance or weakness is slowing your running progress or could likely cause an injury, so it’s in both of our interests to get you in the best physical shape and condition that we can to ensure your success!

I also regularly work one on one with injured runners and athletes to ensure that your first steps back into running are done properly and that you get a great foundation to build your running on.

In essence, if you want a certain service, ask me.  If I can’t provide it then I will probably know the best person for the job!

If you have any questions about how I can help you then ask them via the contact page.

RUN Smarter|RUN Easier|RUN Faster