As a qualified coach, with years of experience of being a runner, I’m well placed to offer advice and guidance, as well as actually being there to teach you how & why to do certain things and the best ways of doing them.

Whether you want to improve your time at a certain distance, attempt your first half marathon or go one step further and attempt an ultra marathon, or you’re on the other end of the scale and you want to have a first go at running, maybe for a charity event or to make your first move at getting fit, I’ve been there, I’ve ran the distance and through setting up and managing my running club, I’m responsible for getting over 3000 adults into running in the first 4 years.

I know what’s needed to start running SAFELY.

I know what’s needed to begin to improve,whether it be speed or distance.

I know what’s needed to step up into the unknown and take on what can often be daunting challenges.


RUN Smarter|RUN Easier|RUN Faster