As a non swimming adult, making the first move to start to learn is daunting and frightening.  It’s not like running, where if it doesn’t go to plan you can just stop and walk home.  You’re in the water, facing your biggest fear and you can’t just stop.

“Frank calmly and understandingly taught me to swim within 12 weeks, couldn’t have wished for a better instructor.” Neil West

This puts so many people off.

I know that, and will work with you gradually to help you overcome any fears or worries that you have so that you have the confidence to begin to learn to swim.

You don’t have to want to turn into a goldfish overnight, I’m not the best person to help you with that, but I am the best person to help you to have the confidence to get into the water and know that you will be ok.  Once you have got your confidence in the water, then if you want to progress, I can signpost you to swimming groups, clubs or coaches to help you better.

But first, let’s get some confidence in the water!

I offer 1:1 sessions or if circumstances suit, then a very small group can be catered for.

Be brave and open up new possibilities!

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