Imagine, if once you’ve got an injury, you could recover from it, and then return to running, and withing a few weeks you could be just as fit, or even fitter than you were before, with hardly any effort and not run the risk of getting injured again!

The good news is that you can, it’s just that most people either don’t realise it or aren’t patient enough and spend most of their time injured rather than fit and running.  What a waste!

I deal with a lot of people who have had quite serious injuries and several who have had major operations.

Believe it or not, at this point, you are in the best position you can be in your running life!

You’ve already been a beginner and made all of the mistakes, we now have to work towards realising what those mistakes were and not making them again.  That’s the beauty of having a proper & decent coach!

You can now ‘start again’ properly, without making the same mistakes, and ‘re-learning’ how to run the best way.  This way, you can be more efficient, move better, not get injured again, and actually enjoy running!!

You can make all of the progress without any of the pain!

“His approach was systematic with the correct about of diversity and challenge. Everything we did was clearly demonstrated and explained and the progress I made was continuous and, as my physiotherapist often said, beyond expectation.” Louise Richards;after multiple breaks of the femur

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