What better compliment to your running training, than access to a personal trainer who runs?!

We’re a rare breed!  The majority of PTs I’ve come across try to impress their own goals onto their clients; they seem to want them all to be 6 foot wide and built like a house, but this is counter effective for runners.

My moto is “your goal is none of my business; but it’s my business!”

As a runner, it’s ideal to be really strong so as to be able to power yourself through runs and to avoid injury, but to be as light and as slight as possible at the same time!

I can work closely with you to help you achieve whatever goals you might have; even if your goal is to be built like a house and 6ft wide – it’s your call!

I also work well with injured clients or post operation clients, putting together a training regime that will allow you to safely progress and get stronger and fitter whilst avoiding injury or any aches or pains!

RUN Smarter|RUN Easier|RUN Faster