Hopefully, any questions that you have can be answered here.  If you have a question that isn’t answered here, contact me here.

What support will you give me?

The deal is, that I provide the plans.  The information.  It is then up to you to follow the plans. Those of you that do follow the plans, I am in constant contact with and regularly alter and adapt their plans and sessions and change things around quite often to help them to work better towards being their best. Those that don't follow the plans, or pretend to follow the plans are wasting their own time, please don't expect me to waste my time too! In short, If you follow the plan then I will fully support you.  So follow the plan!!

How do the plans work?

I build a big long term plan and then break them down into blocks that are 8-12 weeks long.  Each 8-12 week plan I call a block or a cycle. Each cycle has it's own goal or target that is relevant to achieving success in your end goal.  This could be;

  • Improve endurance
  • Improve speed
  • Develop technique
  • Improve parkrun time
To make sure that your training is working, and to prove it to you, each cycle has a test at the beginning and end. The reason for this, is that it is mentally easier to follow a plan that lasts 8 weeks than to follow one that lasts for 52 weeks!  I can also review your progress and change the next 8 week block if necessary. If I gave you a 52 week plan, and you found you weren't achieving progress, you would have a long time to wait until changes could be made!

What happens at the end of the cycle?

Each cycle is designed to follow on from the previous one and they all form the complete plan. I advise you to carry on with the plans to reach your ultimate long term goal, but the choice is yours.

What’s the difference between your plans and ones I can download?


Why are your plans not 8 week plans like on google?

If you think about it, you can probably think of handfuls of people who have been really fast or successful at one key race after following a generic 8 week plan, but afterwards, they are continually injured every few weeks or months on and off. Do you want to be somebody that spends half of their time injured and the other half getting injured? Or, do you want to invest a short bit of time to get in great condition and then get yourself fitter and faster and ready for each key race without injury or fatigue? No brainer!

When will I find out if I’m successful?

As soon as I get chance to go through the data that you send me I will be able to let you know.

Can you do me a one off 8 or 12 week plan?

No. My plans are carefully planned to ensure that first of all you get to an appropriate level of fitness, THEN you get fit enough for a race. You can get race fit within 8 or 12 weeks, BUT, if you don't have the proper fitness and conditioning before hand then you will undoubtedly get an over training injury within a few months. People following my plans do not get over training injuries.  EVER.

Why should I choose you?

You don't have to, it's completely up to you! You're probably here because my reputation precedes me. I am a fully qualified running coach AND personal trainer with years of proven experience! Why pay to go to a PT for one thing and a running coach for another?! I know loads of coaches and personal trainers.  How many would I recommend?  I can count that number on one hand! Just because they have the certificate, doesn't mean they can do the job!

How much does it cost?

I release plans in cycles of 8 weeks. The final cycle for the event is 10 weeks long. Prices are £65 per cycle of 8 weeks, or around £30 per month.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

All of my plans are unique to the individual and specific to their goal. The plan can be far more accurate if you use a heart rate monitor as I can give you an exact number in bpm or % to follow or a range to stay between throughout the run. If you don't have a monitor, then we can still work on a plan, but it won't be as accurate otherwise. I could tell you to run at 135 bpm and you could follow it whether you were running up hill or downhill or on flat ground. If I told you to run at 11 minute mile pace then you might find it too hard whilst going up hill and too easy whilst going downhill.  A heart rate monitor can help eliminate this!

How long will it take me to achieve my goal?

This all depends on lots of factors such as;

  • What your goal is
  • When your goal event is
  • How far away from your goal you currently are, i.e. how fit you are
  • How much time per week and per day you can commit to your training schedule.
  • How strictly you follow the plan.

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