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“Frank is an incredibly patient teacher, very willing to share his wealth of knowledge & take his own time to help others better themselves……if you’re prepared to listen, put the work in & do as you’re told, there’s no better teacher! He’s given me some great advice & support which has & will improve my running no end!”
Kirsty Barnes

“As a non runner little over a year ago, I have come from a space where I was heavily reliant upon using my inhaler everyday just to get up the stairs.
Fast forward to today, with his help, I have invested my time into training because I had heard about and then seen the benefits other people had been reaping from training under Frank’s guidance. After attending his training session and joining him in speed sessions, from speed work to hill work I can say that my running form and techniques have improved so much across not only road running but into trail running.
With his guidance and support I have gone from not being able to climb a flight of stairs to running a Marathon.”

Simone Baggaley

The first time I saw Frank was at the 2015 potteries marathon. I wasn’t fit enough to run a marathon properly and whilst out on the course I saw a group of Stoke F.I.T. runners with Frank leading and supporting everyone of them. I thought at that point I need to have a look at them, and 2 weeks later I joined for the first time.

Since that initial run, with all the help and advice he’s given me I’ve had PBS at every distance, 10k, half marathon and full marathon. 

I’ve discovered that I really don’t like short distance races and prefer the personal challenge that comes from the ultra distance events than chasing times.

The thing that I especially take on board when he gives advice is that he’s done it and learnt, not just read it in a book or been taught, he knows what works from personal experience and know the science behind it all to back it up.

I’m now in a position through his training where I’m confident to write my own training plans and am currently working towards an event in November which is going to be my biggest ever challenge, both physically and mentally.

If it wasn’t for Frank and Stoke F.I.T. I’d probably be about 20 stone and playing on my PlayStation every night, as it is I’m relatively fit and enjoy nothing more than running whilst exploring local trails in the evenings.

Thanks for everything you do for us all.

Andrew Kane

” Frank is the heart and voice of running, always willing to help and advise if unsure of anything. On my very first time running, I was so nervous, but Frank put me at ease immediately, I totally admire how Frank totally believes in you “
Debbie Davies

“Frank is one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. His desire to improve the health and fitness of people in the city of Stoke-on-Trent is to be admired, along with the hard work he continues to put in on behalf of us all. I am one of the older, slower runners in our club, but I feel just as valued as any other member of the club.
This is down to Frank, his encouragement offered personally and via creating an inclusive, supportive ethos which ensures I receive positive support from other members.
Thanks to Frank I found the confidence to complete 2 half marathons. He gives people belief in themselves and in what they are able to achieve.”

Christine Pezzaioli

“I approached Frank after deciding to want to train properly for the Paris marathon. He took a lot of time devising a plan which suits not only my aim but also my level of fitness. I stuck by his plan and despite the weather on the day beating me, I ran the best race I could. I also gained great fitness in following his methods and this has continued and gone from strength to strength. He is a great source of encouragement when the self doubt hits and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be where I am without his help.”
Gemma Wall

“I joined Stoke FIT 18 months ago. The support, encouragement, and friendliness of this club is second to none. Frank has so much knowledge and understanding. If you have a question or need any advice you can guarantee he will have the answer or know someone who will.”
Christine Booth

“After significantly injuring my leg and being faced with the prospect of not being able to run properly again I approached Frank for his advice and Guidance. Frank had stated the importance of returning properly from injury and how training incorrectly could often cause further damage. This would subsequently result in a longer period of time an individual would be unable to train.
Frank immediately agreed to help me and set about making himself fully aware of the nature of my injuries and the continued medical support I was receiving. Together we discussed all aspects of my training such as my goals, areas of focus and my availability to train. In the early stages of my recovery my Physiotherapist made it clear that it would be extremely difficult to progress if I did not trust the people who were working with me. Frank immediately put me at ease with his extensive knowledge and his positive and encouraging demeanour. His approach was systematic with the correct about of diversity and challenge. Everything we did was clearly demonstrated and explained and the progress I made was continuous and, as my physiotherapist often said, beyond expectation.
My goal was to complete a 10k race within 1 year of my injury. My target time was 1hr 17 minutes and I was expecting to have to walk at points throughout the race. My injury was a double, displaced, compound fracture of the left femur which required an intramedullary rod and pins in the knee and hip.
I ran, non stop, for the full distance and even finished with a sprint in a time of 1hr 8 minutes.
Frank ran the whole race with me and coached, encouraged and supported me every step.
He had retaught me how to run, helped me to improve my efficiency and cadence and I did not have a setback or injury once throughout my training. In fact he did such a good job that Frank is in the process of creating my next training plan to help me meet my sub-hour target for this distance and I will achieve it!”

Louise Richards

“Frank Murphy – Inspirational leader and person. Willing to give up his time, knowledge and experience for the benefit of others.
Since knowing Frank I have found him always willing to give honest feedback ( this is refreshing as it helps you to reflect honestly on yourself) whilst willing to listen to alternative views and opinions.”

Ian Sloss

“When I met Frank, I was really only interested in running and not actually getting out doing much.
He first inspired me when he started to give up his own time and take beginners out running to help motivate them and also to keep them safe.
I remember one time a lady posted on his Facebook wall asking if he knew of anywhere safe and well street-lit so that her and a friend could run safely that evening, as the nights were getting darker.
Franks simple but amazing reply was “get your trainers on, I’m on my way”.
It’s his energy and desire to make running inclusive and accessible to all that has helped me.
Frank has a way of helping ordinary people achieve extra-ordinary things
Through his advice, commitment and encouragement Frank has given me the confidence to enjoy running and have now completed many races and have ventured into ultra marathons so far completing as far as 75 miles and hopefully many more to come.”
Drew Wilson

“Frank took me from some one petrified of water, to some one who can confidently swim, and all in 12 weeks. And he did so in his own time. This was at the age of 30. In my childhood I had a incident in the sea which made me avoid swimming at school and all my child hood.
I owe this man so much.
His support & encouragement are 2nd to none , he helped me as a runner with advise and support and is always at the end of a phone if you need advise and help.
He is an inspiration and an honour to know.”

Neil West

Frank has helped me massively, I wanted to try running on trail and something always got in the way every-time I was supposed to go , that was until Frank took time out of his busy schedule . The day in question Frank had already taken a few of us out to see what cross country was like at Leek , then after that he took me to the Roaches where and he took me on a grueling 6 mile route which consisted of different skills needed for trail running. He did this at no cost or benefit to himself , and back to my first part , why did I want to try trail so much ? It was because of Frank and his inspirational ethos that anyone can do anything.
Paul Shenton

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