Mission complete by Andy with a finish time of 19 hours 18 minutes over the tough Lakeland terrain.

As the starter counted down from 10 to 1, the rain started to fall and got heavier & heavier, and in true Lake District manner,  it barely relented all day long.

The wet and cold added to the toughness of the course and the bits that weren’t rocky were now excessively boggy!  Every bit of rock on the course was insanely slippy and in lots of places speed was limited because of the risk of serious falls.

This is proper ultra marathon racing!!

Andy took on the challenge and embraced it!

19 hours out in those conditions on that terrain is a very tough ask and it shows what type of guy Andy is!

He has worked his socks off for months following his training plans, sometimes putting in long long hours building his endurance in the hills, and sometimes putting in hard long runs to improve his speed-endurance.

Andy's splits
Andy’s splits

He’s also been following my strength & conditioning plan to ensure that his body is up to the strains and rigours that the Lake District doles out and is testimony that hard work and effort will always deliver the results that you deserve.

He is now the very proud owner of a Lakeland 50 finishers t-shirt and medal, not many own one, and not many have earned one as well as Andy has!

Well done Andy!

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