Another race and another well deserved PB for Lesley, knocking 15 minutes and 3 seconds off her previous marathon PB giving her a finish time of 3 hours 22 minutes.

After getting a ‘Good For Age’ (GFA) marathon result at the London marathon 2 years ago, she guaranteed herself an automatic entry into the London marathon and so after a break of a year, used her place for the 2019 London Marathon.

Coming off the back of a good block of training for her recent ultra marathon,the Hardmoors 55 mile trail race, we had just under 5 weeks to get a proper recovery from the marathon, before phasing her few weeks of training over; from ultra endurance hilly trail based training, to flat road racing over a much shorter marathon distance.  We relied on her endurance being at it’s peak and after ensuring that she was completely recovered over the next 2 weeks we moved onto building more specific speed endurance, with a few weeks of specific sessions where she had harder runs 3 times per week, before spending 9 days tapering to get her in peak shape for the marathon.

It worked a treat, with her performing better and better with each training run over the period up to the marathon and blowing away all expectations in the race.

Her commitment to her plan and discipline in training led to absolutely perfect pacing and if anything, afterwards, she was disappointed, saying she could have gone faster.  A 15 minute PB is fine by me, and if she can go faster, she’ll just have to do another marathon in the autumn to prove it!!

A massive well done to Lesley, not just for her performance in the race – that is the easy bit.  The race is just the culmination of months and months of early morning runs, hours and hours of long runs at the weekend.  Giving up parties and nights out and choosing running over things that sometimes she wishes she was doing, all in the quest of proving to herself that she is capable.

I told her a while ago, that I’d like her to enter an autumn marathon, and that she will be more than capable of 3:15 by then.  At the time, she thought it was a pipe dream, but what do you recon folks?  If anybody can, Lesley can!

Oh, and this guarantees her GFA for London 2020!!!

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