When heart rate training rocks your world, it’s really giving me the focus my training has needed. 

Today’s race was Yorkshire Cakeathon, a 6 hour lapped race on a disused railway track, so basically tarmac. It was an out an back race of  about 4.4 mile each lap. Running the out was great but the headwind back on each lap was a little bit brutal at times. Plus it rained a few times too, what a great combo 😂

Cake and running; my two favourite things, only I didn’t do the cake eating as that was inside the hall and I didn’t want to venture in to the warmth and start eating it as I’m not sure I would have carried on running.  I only had a tiny slice when I finished, but I’ve brought a large slice of cake home.

I’d discussed my race tactics with Coach Frank earlier in the week and the plan was set.

I set off and just ran my own race and kept to my set HR, on the return leg the wind was brutal and did push my HR up but I made sure it didn’t go to high. I made sure I drank and fueled each lap (soreen and ham sandwich thins) which made such a difference as I never felt spent once.

Before I knew it the 2 hour mark was up and it was time to increase my HR. Again I kept running my own race and I did pick people off becoming First Lady, I was buzzing and just had to make sure I was sticking to my HR and not get caught up with it all.

Towards the 4 hour mark the tarmac started to be relentless and I really wanted some hills and trails, my quads and bum started to ache but I carried on.

At 4 hours it was time to increase the HR again. I still felt strong but the quads and pirifomis were screaming. At 4.53.09 and 31.5 miles I called it a day as I really didn’t want to risk injury by pushing on for another lap, plus I didn’t want to walk any of it which I felt I might have done carrying on.

The compliments I got today from the other runners was amazing, saying how effortless I looked running and how easy I made it look. This is all down to the coaching I’ve received from Frank.

Full results can be found here

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