This week has been a great week for Running Plans runners, with several races going on and lots of PBs achieved all over the place!

Over in Burton upon Trent, we had Gemma and Dan running 42 miles back to Newport in the ‘Millennium Way Back’, just weeks after running the ‘Millennium Way Ultra’ the other way around from Newport to Burton!

Weather was more favourable this time around, and it was no doubt much appreciated, although this time probably too hot rather than too cold or too wet for the whole 9 hours they spent out on the trails together!

With an average pace of 12:30 m/m, maintained for 9+ hours, we have to take our hats off to them for their fantastic effort and work ethic!

They also knocked over 20 mins off their previous best in the Millennium Way!  This brings another cycle to an end for Gemma, and I’ve just finished off her next one, where she will take on the challenge of the monumental 100KM Jurassic Coast Challenge!

In Chester, we had Lyndsey running the Chester half marathon, as part of her bigger plan for a marathon in 3 weeks time!

After an incredible run, with fantastic consistency, she crossed the line in 1:39:35 knocking over 9 minutes off her previous HM PB.


With an average pace of 7:35 m/m and an average heart rate of 87% which only fluctuated by 1-2 BPM throughout, she should now be confident heading into the marathon, that not only will she achieve her goal, but she’ll demolish it!




Up in the North York Moors, Brenda took on another challenging half marathon, just a week after the weather in London gave her a beating at the marathon, but she was back in good form with a fantastic race, finishing a Hardmoors trail half marathon in 2:45.  Those who know the Hardmoors race series know that this is no easy task, but finally, after months of road marathon training, Brenda is back in the hills where she belongs and is a natural at this stuff!!  Check out this profile!!

Elsewhere, in just a 2 ½ hour easy training run, Clive set a new 10 Mile and half marathon PB after only 9 weeks of following a Running Plans plan!

It’s no surprise that Clive is achieving regular distance PBs with his regular running and his steady increase in volume, with this week being his second week at 47.5 miles!



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