Last weekend saw a brutal conflict, between man (and woman) and Beast (from the East!)

Gemma & Dan took on the 41 mile Millennium Way Ultra Marathon, from Telford to Burton Upon Trent.

Usually later in the year, it was moved to avoid the typical bad weather that this race attracts; with April showers usually leading to vast areas of the course under a foot of flood water!

The plan backfired, and where they would usually have had a bit of a jolly, along canal and river paths before heading into farmland and fields, they were now faced with some of the toughest weather we’ve seen in years and years.  Weather harsh enough to ensure that most races across the country were cancelled, and enough to see many competitors not even turn up to the start line!

When discussing plans, Gemma described her goals with this race as “just a finisher” – this girl is hardcore, hardcore enough not only to run a 41 mile race just for fun, but to do it in that weather too!!

Dan braved it with Gemma and stayed together to help and support each other step by step and are a credit to each other!  11 hours and 31 minutes

They’ve both developed their running in amazing ways, where they can now not only consider these kind of challenges, but embrace them with open arms!

Their work towards their plan, and their attitude towards this race, as well as running in general will help ensure that their goal is not only tackled, but well and truly smashed, when the Beasts from the Midlands face their challenge in June!


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