Today has been a brilliant day for Georgina, after surprising me (not too much, I did see it coming!) with a last minute message of ‘can I do Wrexham half at the weekend, I’ve seen the goodie bag?’ and a quick re-jig of her plan, she turned up this morning at the start line ready to rock & roll.

I didn’t want her getting too tired so close to her target race, so gave her her instructions and crossed my fingers that it would be just enough to get her a HM PB without having her running too hard.

An important target for me was to have her start close to the front, amongst faster runners, and run the first 2 miles as easily as she could do, letting all of the others go past and concentrating on her own run.  This is so hard to do, and her effort in practicing today, will help her in the success that she will be getting when it will be a vital part of her marathon success in 2 weeks!

She ran perfectly to plan, and in her words; “I’m still buzzing about today well pleased with the Pb and everything felt good the hardest bit was letting everybody go on the start line”.

The worst bit for me when I have athletes racing is that I never hear how they’ve done for hours after the race!!  To make it worse, my phone, internet, laptop AND emails have all had separate problems so I couldn’t see for hours!

Eventually I found out that she ran perfectly, producing just what was needed and not too much, as she has done on pretty much every run in the past 16 weeks that we’ve been working together.  She’s followed every run to the exact time, the exact intensity and has done exactly as I’ve asked and this, as well as her fantastic work ethic and drive to get out there and better herself, has led to her getting a half marathon PB today…..on an easy(ish) run!

Not only did she get a half marathon PB, she also got a 5K, 10K and 10 mile PB in the process.

She also managed to bag a brilliant goodie bag at the end, complete with cakes, which, as you can see, won’t go down too well until after her race in 2 weeks…..when she can have caffeine again haha!!  Approach with caution until then!

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