After 18 weeks of hard-work and tenacious dedication to her plan, Georgina went into her target race of the Wrexham marathon fitter and faster than she’s ever been and raring to go.

It had been a long winter for her, yet she’s been out there, grafting every day, even doing a hard session on Christmas day, whilst most of us were over indulging.

She’s done her self proud and committed to her plan from day one, even when at first it felt like she was taking a backwards step when my plans slowed everything down, but she stuck at it, saw it through, and sure enough, soon started seeing improvements.

Over the course of the past 18 weeks, she managed to earn herself a whopping 21 PBs during races and training at distances from 1 mile to full marathon, knocking 31 seconds off her mile PB, right up to 12 minutes off her marathon Pb.

She also bagged herself 7 Strava crowns, showing that not only is her training going in the right direction by beating her own previous bests, but by taking the glory from others that she would soon be competing against, she was able to be confident when standing on the start line.

It all paid off, with a massive 8 minute half marathon PB, (compared to when we started working together) 3 weeks ago, during which she also got a 10K & 10 mile PB.  She has, in her words, “achieved a lifetime goal” and rightly so, hasn’t taken her medal off yet!!!

A few weeks before that, she got her first podium place finish in a half marathon and so she knew that what she was doing would help her achieve her goal.

And so it did…..rested and fresh, with all of her work done, she went to the Wrexham marathon with the sole goal of getting a finish time under 3:45 which would mean that she would be classed as ‘Good For Age’.

Well, not only has she proved herself, but she cruised to a third-place finish achieving a second podium finish so far in her running career, and believe me, with her attitude to training and her desire to work hard to better herself, it won’t be her last!

After her first very easy post marathon recovery week, she went along to Parkrun yesterday for an easy-ish run, where she finished second lady, with a 1:14 parkrun PB.  A pleasing position of 23rd out of 309 runners shows that she’s certainly moving rapidly in the right direction!

I’ve made a bold claim to her of what she will be capable of if she chooses to return to Wrexham marathon in 12 months time, so let’s all watch this space!

Next on the agenda, for Georgina, after spending so long training for a long road race, is a testing shorter hilly trail race (why is it always me??!!) so after another really easy recovery week, we’ll start to work towards adding hill strength and stamina and I have no doubt in my mind that if she continues to approach every run the way that she has so far, she will continue to surprise herself!

When I post results of people’s hard work like Georgina’s here, I get a few enquiries about working with other people to help them achieve success.

It’s very important to understand that it isn’t my plans alone that get the results.  Georgina followed them to the exact second and exact heart rate and we are in constant communication.  It is the combination of my plans and Georgina’s hard work and commitment that have helped her achieve what she has.  If you aren’t prepared to work as hard, then it’s pointless getting in touch!  The plans are very easy to follow, and aren’t particularly hard work, but if you can’t put on your trainers and go  out into the rain in the first place as she has, it’s pointless!

Well done Georgina, you’re not just Good For Age, you’re bloody brilliant!  But you can take your medal off now!!


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